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A notable trattoria, and a wonderful gathering place for families and friends, Toscana, now celebrating over 29 years in business, is one of the most successful Italian restaurants in Los Angeles.


Since we opened our doors in 1989, Toscana, continually sets the benchmark as an influential eatery where Hollywood celebrities, locals, and tourists alike come to enjoy true Northern Italian food.  Amidst our cozy yet lively atmosphere reminiscent of a Tuscan trattoria, along  with our friendly, impeccable staff, every guest --- famous or not ---  is treated like family, from the moment they walk through the door, until we hug them goodbye.



   Monday - Saturday  11:30 am - 3:00 pm

   Sundays  11:30 am - 2:00 pm


   Monday - Thursday  5:30 pm - 10:30 pm

   Friday - Saturday  5:30 pm - 11:00 pm

   Sunday  5:00 pm - 10:00 pm



Co Founders/ Owners



The Gordon’s first venture into the restaurant world happened in 1989 when they honored and cultivated Mike’s passion to have his own restaurant, and opened Toscana.  Located in Brentwood, California, Toscana is just now celebrating it’s 30th year as one of Los Angeles’ most successful Italian restaurants.


Complementing Toscana, Kathie & Mike added Bar Toscana next door in 2010 along with Mike’s son, Andy. Bar Toscana, located right next door, suggests hip and cool to Toscana’s more traditional nature.  In the creation of Bar Toscana the Gordon’s had the good fortune to meet Luca Crestanelli and hired him to open the kitchen in their new bar.


In 2013 the Gordon’s partnered with Chef Luca to pursue yet another dream to create a decidedly different Italian dining experience in the Santa Ynez Valley where they now call home.  This modern farmhouse concept has now been blended along with Bar Toscana and Toscana into the recently formed Toscana Restaurant Group.


Executive Chef


When Toscana opened the doors in 1989, Executive Chef Hugo Vasquez and his four brothers were part of the founding team under the tutelage of then Executive Chef Agostino Sciandri.  Hugo worked at Sciandri’s side for years; his brothers prepared the daily pastries, washed and bussed dishes or bolstered the line in the kitchen.


All born in Acapulco, Mexico, the Vasquez brothers arrived in the United States in 1988.  Vasquez had already spent several years learning to make pizza. Once he cultivated more culinary skills in his new country, he was certain that his heart, and his future, was in the kitchen.


Vasquez is grateful to have been at Toscana for all these years, stating that he is fulfilled by doing what he loves. He learned from an early point in his career that the best food is the simplest dish, with few ingredients of the very best quality. “You don’t need much as long as you have the best and the freshest,” says Vasquez.


Vasquez and his wife Reina have three children. He was thrilled when his oldest son, Jonathan, came to work with him in the kitchen one summer. Although his son didn’t share the stamina for the long, hot hours behind the stove, he declared newfound respect for his father’s dedication and hard work.


The inspiration for many of Vasquez dishes and specials comes from his insatiable curiosity and thirst for learning. He regularly scours through cookbooks, and then challenges himself to create something new for the Toscana guests.  He takes pride and satisfaction when he sees the look in a customer’s eyes – and knows he has done just that.


Wine Director


Born in Bari, Italy, Roberto Facciolla grew up in the small town Gravina di Puglia located in the Southern Boot. As a young boy he worked in la campagnia (countryside) on his family farm picking olives and harvesting grapes from their family vineyard to produce olive oil and wine. From their his exceptional palette and passion for wine was born. It quickly earned him a Sommelier D’Italia Degree Certified with the IACCW and went on to earn his Degree in Hospitality at Benedetto XIII, Puglia, Italy.  Today as an Award Winning Sommelier, Roberto is well known in Los Angeles Community as one of the most knowledgeable in his field.


Starting in his early years at the age of 16 he worked in some of the most beautiful hotels off the Italian Coast of the Adriatic Sea. Eventually moving to the US to follow the American dream and passion for hospitality he found himself working in several restaurants in Manhattan, New York.


With his incomparable charm, personality, dedication and hard work, Roberto Facciolla moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and has been an integral part of the Toscana Restaurant Group for the last 20 years.  Over the years he has steadily advanced in his knowledge of the hospitality industry and helped to open Bar Toscana in 2010, and has continued on as Manager of Toscana Restaurant still today.


Facciolla is a proud father of two adorable young boys and married his wife Michelle in 2013. His love of entertaining doesn’t stop at the restaurant, him and his wife happily entertain in their Los Angeles home where he finds himself in the kitchen cooking recipes learned as a young boy from his Mother and Nonna. Everything from famous Puglia style Pasta dishes to freshly baked goods where every bite is filled with delicious old world Italian roots.  Facciolla truly brings the heart of Italy to the guests of Toscana.





Lisa Kozel grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and completed a BS from the University of Nebraska.   Lisa joined a prominent electrical contracting firm and managed all aspects of accounting, payroll and HR responsibilities for over eleven years before making the decision to move to CA while her daughter pursued her degree, also at the University of Nebraska.



In 2015 Lisa moved to California at the request of the Toscana Restaurant Group to work the accounting departments of both Toscana and Bar Toscana.  While rising to a management position she has been learning the nuances of the restaurant/hospitality field.   Lisa is now the controller for all four restaurants of The TRG and oversees daily operations at Toscana.



Outside the restaurant business, Lisa enjoys working out and is also an accomplished long-distance runner having completed ten marathons.  She loves to travel with friends, and host her family in her new, warmer climate.











Marketing Director


Elisabetta is the Marketing Director of Toscana Restaurant Group and oversees its social media content. She is born and raised in Pavia, a historical city outside of Milan.

From an early age, her parents immersed Elisabetta in traditional Italian food by sourcing and cooking with fresh organic ingredients even before the farm to table movement became a modern food concept. Her father is a wine connoisseur and avid hunter while her mother loves tending the home garden and creating scrumptious pasta, bread and pizza dishes from scratch.


After obtaining her BS in Philosophy and MA in Communications and Marketing, Elisabetta pursued a PR career in Milan’s fast-paced fashion industry in, working with high-end designers to craft and execute their PR strategies. She also taught a post-graduate level course in Fashion Communication to share her knowledge and experience in PR and marketing.


Elisabetta’s upbringing and professional background make her a valuable talent as Toscana’s Marketing Director. She has a keen eye​ for capturing the eclectic food​ and creating and managing digital content.


Her other passions include reading, photography and travel.

She is a hardcore activist who fights for animal and women’s rights.













11633 San Vicente Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90049

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