General Manager


Born in Massa Cararra and raised in Florence, Italy, Sauro Mosti has amassed a lifetime of restaurant training.  Beginning at the age of six he was making cappuccinos and serving gelato at his family’s small bar on the coast of Tuscany.  His natural talent in hospitality led him to study at the acclaimed Culinary Arts Institute in Florence, Istituto Professionale Alberghiero Aurelio Saffi. Mosti has also earned degrees in Hospitality Business and Business Administration from higher leaning colleges in San Francisco and Los Angeles.


At seventeen Mosti began working under the tutelage of long-time Fiorentine restaurateur Massimo Gasparini.  “This is the place where I deeply learned how to manage myself and others in a busy restaurant environment,” states Sauro. In 2005, he arrived in Los Angeles to pursue his interests in the restaurant business. He worked with Mario Sabatini of Pecorino restaurant who helped restructure his knowledge of American food service, decidedly different from European service, and further developing his skill set.


Today Sauro Mosti oversees the day-to-day business operations of Toscana, the legendary Tuscan restaurant that has maintained its reputation since its opening in 1989 – as well as sister operation, Bar Toscana both located in Brentwood, California.  Also included in the Toscana Restaurant Group is the new addition, S.Y. Kitchen, located in the Santa Ynez Valley.


Mosti and his wife Rachel live in Los Angeles and have a home in the Santa Ynez Valley where they raise quail and pheasants.













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