TOSCANA is the result of a dream of Mike Gordon, a long-time resident of Brentwood, California and a CPA by trade; and also a man who loves food and wanted to open his own restaurant which would cater primarily to his family and friends.


Among the first true Tuscan trattorias in Los Angeles, not only did family and friends come to eat, but so did tourists, celebrities, and locals beyond the reach of family.  All of whom ultimately came to be made to feel as family.


With a true Tuscan in the kitchen and a front room full of them, we all learned to how to enjoy food – and life – in the traditional Italian way.


Twenty-five-plus years later, Hugo Vasquez, an original kitchen chef, has elevated himself into Executive Chef and leads a culinary team who deftly execute many of TOSCANA’s original dishes as well as presenting our clientele with on-going newly created hearty Italian fare


TOSCANA’s history brims over with family experiences and celebrity tales, all punctuating the heart and soul of a restaurant that has flourished while standing behind its unwritten promise:  Treat everyone as if they are family.









11633 San Vicente Blvd , Los Angeles, CA 90049     310 820 2448